On the snow with family

Slopes and winter walks around the Tamai Refuge

Family and mountains are a perfect match for a holiday to remember, especially in winter – but every time you try to book a day or a ski week you run into the usual problems:

⊛ costs too expensive

⊛ had to book four months ago

⊛ everything is crowded and therefore very stressful

This guide is the solution for you: it contains three paths on the snow to do as a family around the Tamai Refuge, a crossroads of blue, sunny slopes that can be reached even if you have never put your skis on.

It's okay even if your family consists of you and your five dogsIt's okay even if your family consists of you and your five dogs

This guide is a practical pdf: you will receive it by email upon registration. It is for those who want to spend a day or more in the snow with the family or those who want to go to the mountains for the simple pleasure of nature – It is dedicated to beginners, those who love tranquility, those who have free time and want to try different itineraries , off the beaten track.

The guide contains three routes

1. Getting there is a breeze

Describes a simple 20-minute walk in the snow.

2. Discovering a suspended world

An excursion suitable for snowshoes and for those who want to try their hand at ski mountaineering without too much effort, enjoying the company and the view.

3. A sunny ski carousel

Jumps and darting on the snow even for those who think they can only do the “snowplow”.

Tamai Refuge is a unique place that once you arrive you don't want to leave

IThe Tamai Refuge is located on Monte Zoncolan, in the heart of the Carnic Alps, in Friuli Venezia Giulia. It is a mountain restaurant with a bar, kiosk, alpacas, hand-made cakes and with the most beautiful and best picnic basket you can find. Yes, it is, we are sure!

We wrote the guide “On the snow with the family” because we know our territory like the back of our hands: we were born there, we spend all winters there (and all summers), we are ski instructors and – as if that were not enough – we have a child who has tested all the advice of the guide (and that even if he doesn’t speak yet he assures that they are easy).

At the Tamai Refuge you can stop for a short or long stop: in any case you can enjoy the sunny basin in which it stands, take one of our sleds or take a nap on our deckchairs (made by us! By hand! Starting from real logs! Ok, too much enthusiasm).

At the Tamai refuge restaurant you can taste mountain cuisine made of unique recipes and excellent local raw materials. At the kiosk you can order a delicious sandwich – so clean your hands before petting the alpacas.

We leave you to our nice – but punctual – guide so you can already imagine yourself with us and start walking our favorite tracks, our paths and looking out over the house of our Alpacas.

Inside the guide you will find

⊛ duration of the three courses

⊛ precise descriptions

⊛ photographs

⊛ level of difficulty (in which we indicate whether it is suitable for children and at what age)

⊛ necessary equipment

⊛ advice on where to sleep and what to do