We know you can't be here

and while planning a visit you can subscribe to our newsletter

The Tamai Refuge newsletter is a letter that we send by email once a month. Inside are the things that would be found in a letter from a distant friend – there are the stories about us, the facts we like, the things that happen to us living in this corner of the world.
IIn short: if you are curious to know what the life of two people is like who find to build and then manage a mountain refuge for work, you are welcome.

Inside the Tamai Refuge newsletter is the world seen from here. And you can also rebuild it at home.

Every month with the Tamai Refuge newsletter also gifts arrive: because we who build things with our hands all day long liked that this becomes an opportunity to do something away from the keyboard, in the analog world.

For this reason, inside the newsletter you will find our monthly calendar, the #Collagendario: a little calendar, a little collage and even a very personal diary where you can write down your dates to remember and tell.

Just print the calendar, cut out the images to compose your collage and add date stamps to your important days.

We know you can’t be here, but you can download one you can visit with our guides.

When you subscribe to the Tamai Refuge newsletter you will also receive two downloadable guides:

⊛ On the snow with the family

⊛ Easy mountain walks

They will help you plan your holiday in Carnia, near Monte Zoncolan: in the guides you will find the routes to do in bob, ski or on foot, directions on where to sleep and what to do. For each route we also indicate whether it is suitable for children or not, so that you can experience the mountains without stress.