Here you will find the flavors of the Carnic mountains, with the products of the nearby huts, the best selections of cold cuts in the area and the typical summer dishes of the Valle del But.


We have thought of our dishes starting from a selection of local quality products: cheeses and cold cuts, but also fish, flour and beer. For the vegetables we source from the local gardens, following the seasonality and also their availability.

The wild herbs and wild ingredients we use in our recipes are collected around here, in the meadows and woods that you can see sitting at the table. For their use we study in family books and also in the most contemporary cooking schools.

If you have food allergies and / or intolerances, please ask for information about our food or our preparations. We are prepared to advise you in the best way.

Cover charge (adults only): € 2.00

BRUNCH MENU (available from 10.30 am to 12 noon)

STARTERS, great for sharing


  • Onion and mountain-pine French soup 8,00 €

    Served with a toasted slice of rustic bread and local cheese (vegetarian/veganizable)

  • Legumes and beet spiced stew 11,00 €

    Served with pumpkin and red onion chutney (vegan)

  • Oven baked pizzoccheri pasta with cabbage pesto and almond bechamel 9,50 €


  • Caserecce pasta with rich ragù 10,50 €

    Pastorut is a local soft cheese similar to sweet gorgonzola (blue cheese) Vegetarian.

  • Cjarsons (dumplings) with herbs 11,00 €

    Served with smoked ricotta cheese and butter (vegetarian)

  • Skier dish – sausage, frico cheese, polenta, braised vegetables 15,00 €

  • Baked potato with hers cream, roasted vegetables, fermented and walnut crumble 7,50 €


  • Sausage braised in beer with smoked paprika flavoured pumpkin and onion 11,50 €
  • Goulash with polenta 11,00 €

  • Carnic potato Frico with polenta 11,00 €


Homemade sweets

  • Pumpkin mousse, cumin and orange 5,50 €

    herbs brittle and persimmon

  • Traditional apple Strudel 6,00 €
  • Linz tart € 5,00
  • Soft chocolate cake with whipped cream and berry powder € 5,00

Summer kiosk

The raw materials with which we pack the baskets are from local producers whose companies develop within a radius of 10 km from here.

Our basket € 30.00

  • Omelette with fresh vegetables from the garden
  • Cold red rice with courgettes and herbs
  • Tasting of mountain cheeses
  • Salmon trout with aromatic salad
  • Soft pie with old apples
  • Choice of drink or BONDAI craft beer

The producers

Great attention to quality and respect for the environment: these are the characteristics we look for in the local products with which we compose our menu. Below we present the companies that make the raw materials of our dishes.

Wild products

The wild elements you find in the dish, whether they are spontaneous herbs, roots or plant parts, are collected, packaged and processed by our family farm.

The cheeses

The cheeses used in our dishes are processed in Sutrio in the Alto But Social Dairy, established in 1969 to collect milk from the entire valley and continues to do so today.

The meats

The meats we use are very fresh Friulian meats produced by the butcher of Zuglio Molinari.

Cold cuts

our cold cuts are prepared in Sutrio in the La Vecje Becjarie butcher's shop using the traditional method and naturally smoked without the addition of preservatives, additives or dyes.

The fish

The trout and char that you find on the menu are raised in Sutrio, with the classic method, by the La Trutefish market, fed only by spring water from the Zoncolan basin.


the gardens where we stock up on fresh seasonal vegetables are located in Villa Santina, in the La Sisile organic farm where Elena produces and collects the fruits of her land.


the flour we use for our rustic polenta is from Socchieve and for this reason it is called Socchievina polenta flour, organic and semi-wholemeal. It is stone ground in a historic mill. The hemp flour for our breadsticks is from Ub Organics, based in Tolmezzo.

Craft beer

As a craft beer we have chosen the IPA of Sutrio, from the BONDAI craft brewery, amber and with resinous and herbaceous notes, with a bitter background.

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